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Examples of Surgical Staples Lawsuits

Surgical staples are specialized staples used in surgical procedures. The FDA issued a warning to consumers about potential side effects of surgical staples. The recalled products were manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon, Covidien, and other companies. Surgical staples have been linked to serious complications and even wrongful death. The FDA is currently investigating the side effects of surgical staples. Here are some examples of lawsuits that cite this dangerous product.

Surgical staplers are specialized staples used in surgery

There are two basic types of surgical staplers. The linear stapler uses a jaw with a handle on one side and fires staples simultaneously, while the circular stapler fires a staggered row of staples in a circle. Linear staplers are often used for minimally invasive procedures, like organ removal, while circular staplers are more common in surgeries involving the digestive tract. Both types of staplers use the same method, which is to connect two tube-like structures or two sections of the intestine.

They can cause serious complications

While surgical staples are a critical tool used  Ethicon surgical stapler by surgeons, there are several potential risks associated with their use. One major risk is that staples can malfunction, causing bleeding, sepsis, and even the development of fistulas. A malfunctioning staple can damage surrounding tissue and internal organs, resulting in a prolonged hospital stay, additional surgeries, or even death. Therefore, surgeons should be particularly vigilant and understand the risks associated with surgical staples.

They are recalled by the FDA

The FDA recalled surgical staples due to their lack of safety features. The recalled staplers were made by Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. These staplers have been in use for decades and have been linked to over 110,000 reports of malfunctions and four deaths. However, the company did not conduct premarket reviews on these devices, meaning that they may not have been adequately reported. The company claims to treat staplers as Class II medical devices, but the problem may be far greater than just a few reports of faulty devices.

They can cause wrongful death

If you have suffered from an injury caused by a surgical staple, you may be eligible to receive compensation from the responsible party. The FDA is investigating the injuries caused by this type of staple. The injuries can range from internal bleeding and organ failure to pain and disability. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to bring a lawsuit for medical expenses, pain, lost income, and other damages. Contact a Long Island surgical staple injury lawyer today to discuss your case.

They can be sued for medical expenses

If your surgeon used incorrect surgical staples that led to a serious infection, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover your medical expenses. Medical expenses include hospital stays, prescription drugs, and doctor bills. Surgical staples can also lead to significant future medical expenses, including rehabilitation and therapy. Regardless of the cause of your injury, you should consult with an attorney to determine how much compensation you are entitled to.

They can pay for lost income

If you’ve suffered an injury due to a medical device, a surgical staples lawsuit may be right for you. Compensation may include hospital bills, X-rays, and prescription drugs. Surgical staples lawsuits can also cover your medical bills and lost income. Medical bills can be expensive, and you’ll likely have to miss time from work less than before. In addition, you may suffer from emotional trauma and physical pain.