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Vivaceutical – The Best Pharma PCD Franchise Company

Vivaceutical is a PCD Pharma Company that offers third-party manufacturing services and PCD Franchise in India. Headquartered in Panchkula, the company was founded with the goal of bringing quality pharmaceutical products to the market at an affordable price. The company has a team of experts who are knowledgeable about the various pharmaceuticals and have the knowledge to provide the best products and services to franchisees.

Vivaceutical is a pharma PCD franchise company

Vivaceutical, a PCD franchise company in India, is a growing force in the pharmaceutical market. It has a network of over 47 distributors in India and is currently expanding its operations in the country. The company is planning to start operations in Uttar Pradesh and gradually expand into other states. It also plans to form partnerships with small PCD pharma companies.

Vivaceutical is a pharma franchise company that provides third-party manufacturing and PCD (pharmacy compounding and distribution) services. The Vivaceutical – The Best Pharma PCD Franchise Company in India company offers a variety of medicines including tablets, softgel capsules, injections, liquids, sachets, dry syrups, soaps, and OB/GYN drugs. The company has WHO-GMP certified facilities in Panchkula and Baddi. It offers an extensive marketing program for its PCD franchisees.

It offers multiple medicines

Vivaceutical is a pharmaceutical company that offers multiple medicines at competitive rates. It is ISO certified and has a highly qualified and experienced team of quality controllers. Moreover, it has an efficient logistic and storage system that allows it to cater to a large client base spread all over the country. It also offers its franchise partners the best marketing support and assistance.

PCD Pharma franchise business involves selling quality medicines and provides propaganda and distribution rights to franchisees. Franchisees are required to acquire a tax identification number and register with the state pharmacy council. Besides, the franchisee needs to possess an excellent knowledge of the local area. Franchise business models offer good earning potential and also provide a sense of ownership.

It has WHO-GMP-certified facilities

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a quality management system that ensures pharma products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. This system ensures consistency and reproducibility of the manufacturing process and requires documentation of all steps. The GMP system was developed in order to protect the quality of pharmaceutical products and is now the standard of quality management for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. To ensure the quality and safety of your products, consider a company that has GMP certification.

Vivaceutical’s manufacturing and testing facilities are WHO-GMP-certified. They produce over 130 pharmaceutical products, including capsules, tablets, and suspensions. The company’s portfolio includes products for various medical conditions, from inflammation to nutrient deficiency. Vivaceutical’s facilities meet high-quality standards, and each batch is subject to stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure the safety of patients.

It offers attractive product packaging

Product packaging plays an important role in promoting a business. Its main aim is to attract customers’ attention and make a positive impression on them. Attractive packaging can tell a brand’s story by incorporating the business’ logo and strapline, as well as customer testimonials.