Why Businesses Need a Bot Detection Solution

Bots are software applications designed to mimic the actions of human users and can cause a wide range of problems for businesses. From login attempts and account takeover to content scraping, these automated programs are a threat to your business’s reputation and revenue.

The best bot detection solutions are able to distinguish between bot traffic and legitimate users by analyzing server logs, examining data patterns and other methods. These tools can also provide a more granular view of bot traffic, such as bot activity on specific pages and time spent on those pages.

Using these techniques, businesses can quickly detect if their site is being used by malicious bots and take steps to mitigate that traffic before it causes problems. These measures can include blocking IP addresses that are known to be sources of bot traffic, redirecting the bot traffic or requiring proof of work (PoW) on the device of the bot in order to complete an action.

Automated bots are a growing concern for online retailers and other businesses that depend on digital channels for marketing, sales, and customer service. They can also affect your website’s performance and SEO rankings.

Malicious bots are a serious problem for any business, and you need a robust bot detection solution to keep your site safe from these threats. These tools can help you identify and block malicious bots from your site, while still permitting authorized partner bots to pass through.

Protecting against automated attacks is critical to defending your brand, reducing fraud and increasing your ROI from online sales. Our advanced bot detection platform provides visibility into and mitigation of volumetric and anomalous attacks by detecting bots, leveraging Global Threat Intelligence, request header/body anomalies, traffic source reputation, and other criteria.

Our intuitive WAF tunes itself with rules, based on real-time data, Global Threat Intelligence, and results of manual security testing to ensure that your site is always protected against the most sophisticated and emerging threats. This prevents false positives and ensures you don’t turn away even one legitimate user while preventing bots from crossing the network periphery, so you can deliver an exceptional and secure experience for your visitors.

Unlike traditional, legacy bot detection tools, Fastly’s Bot Detection API is built for the cloud and delivers the quickest response times to identify and prevent bad bots from submitting chargebacks, creating fake accounts, and scraping your site. It’s easy to integrate and scores IPs and devices in real-time, delivering powerful protection for your business.

Stopping malicious bots from stealing your customers’ information, impersonating them, and spamming other websites is essential to maintaining customer trust. We also offer protection from fraudsters attempting to hack into e-commerce, financial services, and other online accounts through credential stuffing, carding, and similar attacks.

Fastly’s Bot Detection solution helps you avoid fraud by protecting your business from the most sophisticated and emerging bot-based attacks, while saving you both time and money. It’s the most effective tool to defend against ATO, credential stuffing, and other attacks that steal customer identities and personal data while driving up your website’s cost and affecting your company’s bottom line.