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Pourgol Law is home to a team of seasoned litigators


Pourgol Law is home to a team of seasoned litigators and trial lawyers who specialize in helping clients in Toronto and surrounding areas recover compensation for injuries sustained in car accidents, work place related accidents, slips and falls and other types of injury claims. A member of the legal community since 2007, the firm is a well-oiled machine with a reputation for getting results.

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Aside from our litigation offerings, we are also known for our philanthropic efforts. We support charitable and educational initiatives that benefit communities across the city.


Several of our clients have received awards and honors for their service to the community. A few have received scholarships or bursaries to help them pay for college or other post-secondary education. We are proud to have helped many of these deserving clients achieve their goals and to help them navigate the complex world of higher education.

About Pourgol Law

Located in Toronto,Pourgol Law  is an expert in the field of personal injury and property damage. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to the well-being of its clients, the firm has built a reputation as a leading light in the field.

The firm is also home to some of the most talented lawyers in the business, who scour the legal landscape for the most lucrative and viable opportunities for their clients.

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The Most Dedicated Legal Team in the City

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With the best possible outcome for you, we look forward to helping you navigate this often complicated and intimidating process.