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Via Rail Cabins

Via Rail offers a variety of cabin options depending on your needs. You can choose from Economy Class, Sleeper Plus, Prestige Class, or Skyline Cars. These cabins can accommodate up to four people. There are no online booking options for these cabins, so you will need to call in advance to reserve one. All Sleeper Plus cabins have access to showers. Some even have a departure lounge in Vancouver.

Economy Class

If you’re looking for a great deal on a rail ticket, consider the Economy Class cabin. These cabins have more legroom than other cabin classes and include power outlets. They’re also usually equipped with blankets and pillow sets. These amenities make the experience a lot more comfortable than a bus.

Sleeper Plus

Traveling by train can be an exciting experience, and the https://canadarail.ca/via-rail Sleeper Plus class is one of the best choices. These luxurious accommodations feature private cabins, window-clad sightseeing cars, and more. Dining options are plentiful and include high-quality food. You’ll also enjoy lounges and tables for socialising. Even better, there are special dining cars just for sleeper passengers.

Prestige Class

Travelling by train can be a very luxurious experience if you choose the Prestige Class. These cabins offer a number of special features, including a private washroom and flat-screen TV. You can even enjoy a personalized concierge service. Moreover, you’ll have access to priority dining reservations and an all-inclusive bar service.

Dome topped cars

There are a few different types of dome-topped rail cars. Some have dining or lounge areas while others are more like a coach with sleeping compartments. In some cases, these cars are only used for special events, such as a business retreat.


Prices for via rail cabins vary according to the class of cabin you select. You can choose a single-person cabin for $2,231 during peak season, or a double-occupancy cabin for $4,462. Both types of cabins come with folding chairs for daytime and a full-sized bed for nighttime. Cabins in both classes include a private washroom and toilet.

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