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Meet Percy Chastang, Director of the Linn County Community Office

Percy Chastang is an advocate for youth. A 30-year resident of Valdosta, Georgia, Percy is a passionate leader and has a heart for young people. He believes that the most important thing is that young people have the opportunity to face adversity and overcome it. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Percy’s passion is helping people stay healthy and well. He is a family medicine doctor at the Northern Navajo Medical Center and works with a team of caring professionals to help families and individuals with medical needs. One of his favorite things is the lessons he learns from patients. Often, he will share what he learned with the community.

In addition to his medical practice, Percy serves as Director of the Shiprock Service Unit of the Navajo Area IHS. The Shiprock Service Unit is comprised of twelve health promotion areas. Each area has a Health Promotion Coordinator. These programs are designed to build healthy communities. They focus on positive health behaviors and a holistic approach to wellness.

In honor of his dedication to the community, the Linn County Board of Supervisors held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Dr. Percy and Lileah Harris Building on November 22. It is located on 1020 6th Street SE in Cedar Rapids.

Percy is a role model in the Shiprock Health Promotion Program, which aims to create healthy communities. The program is part of the larger Healthy Native Communities Partnership, which sustains efforts in hundreds of Native communities nationwide.

The 퍼시스 커뮤니티 오피스 program is made up of a team of professionals who work together to build healthy communities. They include a population and global health team, a leadership team, and a health assessment team. Their work involves collecting qualitative and quantitative data and preparing documents for clients.

Another program of interest is the Omega Mentoring Program, which uses a service of learning model to educate and inspire young males. This program is focused on addressing the unique needs of boys and men. Some of their initiatives include conducting document summaries, preparing project documentation, and participating in curriculum courses and youth conferences.

Another example of a “healthy” effort is Percy’s leadership in the Healthy Homes for Healthy Futures campaign. The campaign focuses on the importance of building homes with access to fresh water. Percy has been able to request funding to help build 60 homes in the area. For many, there is no clean water available in their home. Other community members depend on their neighbors for assistance.

Percy’s career as a public health practitioner began at Harvard Medical School where he developed community-based health education and prevention programs in the Boston area. In 2003, he was recognized by the Director of the IHS for his contributions to the community. During that time, he helped form the Healthy Native Communities Fellowship, which works to develop and implement innovative wellness projects. Among the initiatives is the Just Move It campaign, which promotes physical activity amongst Native Americans.